Goodbye, World

Saying goodbye is never easy. Been there, done that numerous times over the years. Whether it involved packing up the family and moving to a different part of the country/world and having to say goodbye to friends, or perhaps those rare instances on more of a local scale with migrating to a new golf club and leaving old golf buddies behind – the dynamics were always the same. Awkward, uncomfortable, and often times fraught with the uncertainty of a different life that surely awaited.

Tiger Woods, for the better part of a dozen years, put professional golf on his shoulders and carried it to the forefront of where it is today. Any attempt to discount the positive impact he made in the game all those years would only be comparable to downplaying the roles that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates played as it relates to our society’s current day-to-day reliance on technology.

But the irony can’t be glossed over. The game that Tiger Woods carried all those years is now carrying him.

As the late, great Yogi Berra once said, “You can observe a lot by just watching.” That quote of his ties neatly into another famous quote credited to him. “It’s like Deja Vu all over again.”

Tiger Woods back .jpg

Woods has undergone 3 different back surgeries, undoubtedly performed by the best surgeons in the world. He’s basically been required to take off the past two seasons for rehab and recovery. And yet apparently there are still some major problems, two full seasons later.

The PR aspect of everything involving Tiger’s future seems cluttered in this wait-and-see purgatory that his fans have endured on more than a few occasions in recent years. But this time it seems completely different, much more disconcerting.

Although Tiger withdrew from this week’s tournament at Riviera, he expressed his intentions to at least show up to support his sponsor (who is sponsoring the event this week at Riviera) and partake of a Q&A news conference, which also ties into his personal foundation.

Only to find out the day prior that his doctors advised him to not attend.

Folks, it wasn’t like he was being required to sit in a plane for several hours to fly from his home in Jupiter, FL to Los Angeles. HE WAS ALREADY THERE IN LA.

“Based on the work they did the last couple of days, they advised he just stay horizontal.” 

The reality here cannot be overlooked, and that reality is that Tiger Woods is finished as a professional golfer. Everything that he does from this point forward should be devoted to improving his quality of life moving forward, if for no other reason than to be able to enjoy his life with his kids while they’re still relatively young.

And, I’m guessing, he realizes this more than anyone. What he’s yet to figure out is his exit strategy, how this is all supposed to end. But for those of us who’ve followed him all these years – it has already ended as far as we’re concerned.

All that’s left is figuring out how he’s going to officially say Goodbye.

That isn’t easy, not even for a guy like Tiger Woods.

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