That Time of Year…

Most people are ecstatic about football season finally arriving. Tailgate parties, the wonderful aroma of burgers and brats sizzling on the grill, the weather being more enjoyable with comfortable daytime temperatures and the beautiful, colorful transition of the foliage reminding us that God’s magnificent artistry is second to none… it is indeed a great time of the season to both enjoy and appreciate for countless reasons, but especially if you’re a diehard football fanatic.


But if you’re an avid golfer living in the Northeast (like myself) – this time of year also forces one to recognize what it essentially represents: the dwindling days remaining to get out and enjoy what is truly a wonderful pastime, at least under somewhat normal and comfortable playing conditions.

Back in August I was ready to put the clubs away for a while. I’d already more than fulfilled most golfers’ quotas as far as number of rounds played for a season, the weather was sticky hot and uncomfortable, and although it is indeed a wonderful plight that most golfers would love to experience – I really struggled to actually want to be out playing. But just a little over a month later, I find myself longing for an extended Autumn, just so I can get out and take advantage of what few rounds remain.

Out with the old, in with the new, the end of one chapter and the beginning of another… all of these old commonly-used adages don’t get much appreciation until one finds himself somewhere in between, waiting for the new, waiting for the next chapter. That’s where I am today, holding on to the last throes of a golf season that will come to pass much too soon.

Appreciate the coming weeks, because Old Man Winter just fired up his engine and will soon be making his rounds.

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